How Social Media Marketing will change in 2022

As social media has exploded in popularity over the past decade, many brands have begun to use it as a tool for marketing and advertising. However, as with any emerging industry, social media is constantly changing, creating new types of apps and procedures. In less than ten years, we’ve gone from a handful of outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to hundreds of outlets for social media. To keep up with the rise in change, Social Media Marketing must stay ahead of the curve by changing the rules and defining new avenues for success.

5 ways Social Media Marketing will change in 2022:

1) There will be a major increase in live video streaming, including hashtag tracking.

2) The photo editing industry will be completely transformed.

3) Social media platforms will implement a new way to monetize followers.

4) Hashtag tracking will become augmented by facial recognition and search engine technology.

5) Social media platforms and companies build stronger bonds with their users.

“These changes aren’t just happening, they’re already here. We’re just looking ahead at the ways in which these changes will manifest themselves.”

When you think about Instagram or Snapchat, what do you think of? Most likely your mind goes to videos or photos. Although people would have never thought that photo editing would become a major industry, the rise in popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram has changed that. With Pinterest gaining 470 million users last year alone, it’s only logical that the photo editing industry would also gain some ground.

Now, the borders of this industry are beginning to blur as more and more photo apps pop up. Apps like FaceTune allow people to remove blemishes or change the color of their eyes with just a swipe. These simple changes can be extremely beneficial for any social media outlet, especially those trying to attract younger audiences with their photo edits.

Furthermore, with the rise of live streaming like Periscope and Snapchat, we’re seeing a change in how consumers receive and interact with social media. By allowing users to choose when they want to go live instead of uploading prerecorded videos, companies can capitalize on people’s desire for immediacy and real-time conversation.

“It’s a new way to share products and a new way for products to be shared.”

The rules of social media marketing are constantly changing, with the newest set of changes coming from Instagram hashtags . The photo editing industry already capitalizes on this by allowing brands to edit photos right from their phones, but what about hashtags?

Although many people don’t realize it, hashtags are a form of social media marketing. They’re search terms added to posts that allow consumers to tap into a larger conversation about a particular topic or trend. In the future, companies will be able to add more value to their hashtag campaigns by tracking them on live feeds and creating augmented reality experiences for customers.

“Companies will be able to track hashtags and respond to them in real time.”

Now that live streaming apps have become a major staple of social media, companies are starting to tap into the source of their power – mobile phones. This is being done through mobile payment platforms that allow users to purchase via different types of media.

For instance, Snapchat users can purchase things like pens, tattoos and other objects simply by geotagging them in their posts. That means no more browsing through pictures to see what’s available – customers will be able to purchase the products they want with just a few taps of their fingers.

“It will allow customers to make purchases easier than ever before.”

So far, hashtags have only been able to be tracked in one direction – posts. But what if you could track individual followers? This is already being done in certain industries with facial recognition software, but it won’t stop there. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, platforms will use this technology to build stronger bonds with their users. By working with the best SEO and Social Media marketing agencies like SEO Richmond VA, you will be able to ensure that the results you want will actually happen.